SCoE Parking Lot

Water sprinkler installer Darryl Gatie operates machinery to dig a trench on the Sgt. Seay Parade Field June 14. The parade field and adjoining parking lot are the two last construction projects under Fort Lee's 1.7 billion Base Realignment and Closure plan.

FORT LEE, Va. (July 21, 2011) -- The final project under the installation's base alignment construction plan is near completion.

A $3 million Mifflin Hall parking lot is part of installation's $1.2 billion Base Realignment and Closure plan implemented in 2005.

The project included the demolition of the old Mifflin Hall and the addition of a parade field and more than 800 parking spaces, said Anthony J. Weaver, resident engineer, Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District.

Two wing parking lots were completed within the past year. The Sgt. Seay Parade Field is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week. The main parking lot, a pave-over and expansion of an older parking lot, was expected to be completed last week, but the project hit a snag.

"We ran into problems with the soils in the existing parking lot," said Weaver. "The soil is typical of what you might find at Fort Lee - a kind of clay silt that is really susceptible to moisture."

Weaver said the quality of clay soil and a wet winter season combined to make the surface unsuitable for pavement.

"We have some remediation work to do there," he said, noting that additional funds will be needed to complete the project. Still, he expects it to be finished in a few weeks.

"I would say (the project will be complete) by mid-to-late August," said Weaver.

When complete, the parking lot will total 832 spaces situated between Byrd and Adams avenues. The irrigated, 300 by 260-foot parade field will feature flag holders close to Mifflin Hall and a reviewing stand on the opposite end of the field.

"When it's done it will be a really nice area," said Weaver. "The landscaping will look good, the parking will be improved and it really will benefit the community."

The new Mifflin Hall, home of the Combined Arms Support Command headquarters element, was completed in January 2010. The new parking area sits where the old Mifflin Hall was located. The old building stood 49 years and was formerly home to the Quartermaster Center and School.