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Sgt. Josette Whorton adjusts her headphones just before a mission in the Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer last summer. The RVTT is a full-size vehicle simulator with a wraparound video screen designed to provide a realistic presentation of convoy and other missions. It recently received an upgrade that links all eight vehicle simulators under a single mission.

FORT LEE, Va. (Feb. 9, 2012)-Fort Lee's newest training simulator has received an upgrade.

The Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer, located in the Warrior Training Center, received software improvements that now links two four-vehicle sites. The sites previously operated on a stand-alone basis, said Ron Hendricks, the contract principal training and development specialist.

"The upgrade gives users more flexibility," he said. "They are able to do linkups and marked ambushes - things they heretofore couldn't do with four vehicles. It more than doubles their capability."

The upgrade has been in effect the past three weeks, said Hendricks, and the response has been encouraging.

"We've had different units go through and they've been delighted," he said, "especially from a scheduling standpoint because the upgrade allows us to train more users."

The RVTT is comprised of eight look-alike, stationary Humvees (they may also be converted to other vehicles such as the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) that simulate the sound and ride of the actual vehicle. Each is equipped with individual and crew-served weapons systems, navigational systems and tactical radios.

Through a wraparound video screen, users can cover mountainous terrain or urban landscapes to get exposed to dangers and threats common to each such as harassing locales, improvised explosive devices and small arms fire.

Several contractor facilitators are on hand at the facility to assist with the training and to help build scenarios according to unit training objectives.

The RVTT is located in building 6235.

Units interested in training on the RVTT should call (804) 734-3218/3536.