The U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum is launching an innovative educational program Feb. 6 using social media and gaming.

The program is designed to increase interaction and awareness of history and the collections here by incorporating them into digital media applications, said Paul Morando, museum curator.

Museum visitors will be able to use mobile phones with data plans to participate in a scavenger hunt. "The new mobile game allows visitors a fun and engaging way to learn about the rich history of the Quartermaster Corps," Morando said.

Through a grant provided by the Quartermaster Museum Foundation, the museum partnered with the SCVNGR company to develop the mobile game.

By using a personal smartphone or cell phone, visitors will be texted "challenges" (questions on Quartermaster history), which they respond to for points. The challenges and answers are based on the information found within the exhibits. Answers may be a text response or a photo.

"Users are rated on how many challenges they complete and can be tracked online," he said. "The program also can be downloaded as an application." Smart phone users can download the app free to play the game and regular cell phones users will be able to play by text messaging.

In recognition of their achievements, high scorers can earn online rewards (badges), and the museum may incorporate other recognition opportunities as the program progresses.

For details about the museum, visit or "like" the museum on Facebook.