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Col. Michael G. Morrow, USAG Fort Lee commander, and Reggie Gordon, Virginia Capitol Region American Red Cross CEO, along with other garrison leadership and Red Cross staff and volunteers, cut the ribbon Tuesday to the new Fort Lee Red Cross area, building 9028.

FORT LEE, Va. (APril 28, 2011) -- For the third time in as many years, the Red Cross has a new home on Fort Lee. The agency celebrated its latest grand opening during a ceremony Tuesday at building 9028.

The office, which falls under the Virginia Capitol Region American Red Cross, will provide assistance to military members, veterans and their families on and around Fort Lee.

Col. Michael G. Morrow, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Lee commander, welcomed the attendees to the ceremony and praised the Red Cross for its efforts here.

"We're pleased today and fortunate to have Red Cross as part of our Fort Lee family," he said. "I want to express my sincere thanks on behalf of all our Soldiers and families for the care and support you provide.

"The Red Cross supports service members and veterans, providing comfort and care in military and veteran hospitals, and also supports the military families with vital social services providing emergency communications to keep families connected when they need it most," he continued.

Every year, the impact of the Red Cross is felt on Fort Lee, said Morrow.

"In 2010, the Virginia Capital Region American Red Cross supported 6,856 of our active duty Soldiers, military families and veterans in the Hopewell/Prince George area," he said.

Morrow then took some time to tell the life story of Reggie Gordon, CEO of Virginia Capitol Region American Red Cross, and noted that Gordon's volunteer career had come full circle as the first place Gordon volunteered with was the Virginia Capitol Region American Red Cross when he was only a teenager, and now he's back running the operation here.

Gordon thanked Morrow and the others who attended the ceremony.

"We are truly happy to be part of the Fort Lee family." Gordon said. "On behalf of the board, paid staff and volunteers of the Virginia Capitol Region American Red Cross, I want to thank everyone who has played a role in making this day possible. We definitely feel at home.

"We are honored to be here today to mark this important milestone in the evolution of our services here at Fort Lee," he continued. "We're honored to be here for you, because we realize you've always been here for us."

More than 100 years ago, the American Red Cross began its Service to the Armed Forces program, and it's been running strong ever since, said Gordon.

"Probably the best example of our 24/7 year-round connection to our neighbors, at home and abroad is our relationship to the armed forces," he said. "Our Service to the Armed Forces program ensures service members, veterans and their families have around-the-clock access to reliable humanitarian service through the Red Cross."

For questions, or if interested in volunteering, call (804) 731-5682.