Give four hours of your time to Fort Lee Fire and Emergency Services and let the trained experts instruct you in Adult/AED/CPR.

An estimated 325,000 Americans die each year from cardiac arrest which is more than automobile accidents and cancer related deaths combined.

When cardiac arrest occurs, fewer than 5 percent of victims survive outside a hospital setting, mainly because CPR and defibrillation are not performed soon enough.

For the best chance of survival from cardiac arrest, an auto external defibrillator should be used within five minutes.

Fort Lee is currently working on installing AED units throughout the post. You may have seen them already at the clubs, gyms and one may be in your work place.

The Team Lee community needs your help to make this difference.

Fort Lee Fire and Emergency Services will host a monthly Adult/AED/CPR classes during the morning hours on the second Tuesday and the second Saturday of every month at Fire Station #2 located on A avenue across from the Main PX. This class is free.

For more information and to register in one of the classes, call Assistant Chief Ken Pence at (804) 765-3698.

– Fort Lee Fire and Emergency Services