New Tango Company Barracks

Tango Company recently moved to this newly renovated building 3005 that houses 324 warriors and 261 advanced individual Soldiers. The former headquarters was built in 1960.

Tango Company bid farewell to the past and ushered in a new era as it transitioned recently from building 3118, built in 1960, to the newly renovated building 3005. The older facility had accommodated more than 100,000 of the Army’s quartermaster logisticians over its history that spanned more than five decades.

The new barracks are smaller in comparison to the older facility – however, time and age had taken its toll on the historic pillar making it a necessity to make the transition. Tango Soldiers appreciate their new home after the long anticipated and welcomed move from the oldest building in the 266th Quartermaster Battalion’s footprint, according to company leaders.

When asked to compare the old to the new, Pfc. Petrice Sherrod, said, “We have a lot more privacy in the new “Tango” while sharing a room with only one roommate. It is indeed a blessing!” Pfc. Yer Chang added, “I love how the latrine has its own showers and toilets for every room – a luxury that was missing from the old building.”

Building 3005 has three day rooms equipped with cable TV, a new pool table and a ping-pong table along with new and improved comfortable seating. It houses 324 cadre and is currently home to 261 AIT Soldiers.

Team Tango thanks all those who made this possible to continue its mission of training the Army’s best and finest 92G food service and 88N transportation warriors.