108th QM Co Exercise

Members of the 108th Quartermaster Company practice a exercise scenario during a recent exercise at Fort A.P. Hill. (Photo by Spc. Sye Ellis)

FORT LEE,Va. (Feb. 9, 2012)-Members of the 108th Quartermaster Company, 530th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 49th Group underwent Counter-IED training and Situational Training Exercises lanes at Fort A.P. Hill Jan. 23-27.

IED experts from Fort Bragg, N.C., traveled to Fort A.P. Hill in order to train the Soldiers of the 108th for their upcoming deployment in May.

"The Soldiers are motivated, dedicated and eager to learn and train," said 1st Sgt. Jason Johnson. "Soldiers are excited to receive this high-speed training."

For two days, Soldiers were shown how to identify an IED and what to do when a possible IED is discovered.

Following the C-IED Training, Soldiers conducted convoy operations that included Battle Tasks and Warrior Drills.

"You have to be ready for whatever comes your way," said Staff Sgt. Joshua Bryant, 3rd Platoon sergeant. "We have practiced every day, in the parking lot, to be ready to excel on the lanes."

"Anything can happen, and we have to be 100-percent aware of our surroundings, especially during convoy operations," echoed 1st Lt. Ryan Blum, 3rd Platoon leader.

The STX lanes were complex with three different scenarios that cumulated the Marine Medical Evacuation support for the training exercise in order to stimulate a real-life training scenario.

"The MedEvac scenario was the culminating moment that brought all three scenarios together," said Capt. Milena Williams, 108th QM Co. commander. "It gave Soldiers the opportunity to completely understand how the nine-line MedEvac gets the bird off the ground and the importance of giving the bird an accurate pick-up location, simulating a real-life situation."

The exercise was a good training event for the Soldiers to participate in, said Lt. Col. Albert Tapp, 530th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion commander.

"Everyone was successful in the STX lanes exercise," said Tapp. "We are pleased that Soldiers were able to have this real-world experience."

In preparation for their future deployment, the 108th QM Co. is now ready and able to conduct convoy operations. It is this training that makes the Soldiers successful for whatever comes their way, said Tapp.