FORT DIX, N.J. — Preparation is key in combating the Global War on Terrorism, and Fort Dix takes part in preparing Soldiers for the GWOT mission.

Dix is a Reserve installation, but many active units roll through the post to take part in some of the special and unique training offered.

The 240th Quartermaster Battalion is one such unit. About 100 Soldiers from the 49th QM Group spent a week participating in Improvised Explosive Device, convoy, and cultural awareness and language training, as part of their preparations for an upcoming deployment in support of GWOT.

“This is phenomenal, invaluable training. This is a great place that has great resources that has really accommodated our needs,” Maj. Dennis Levesque, 240th QM Bn. logistics task force commander, said. “Any training we do here (Fort Dix), if it can help save lives and bring them home safely, that’s the primary objective,” he said.

The quartermaster crew that came to Fort Dix is comprised of three different platoons: two mortuary affairs and one logistics task force. The mortuary affairs Soldiers perform the mission of taking care of the affairs and issues concerning deceased Soldiers, and making sure the bodies and remains get back to the United States.

The logistics Soldiers play a supportive role to the forces in various war zones. In logistics, they take inventory and make sure Soldiers have essential items such as food, water, fuel, transportation and ammo, and also makes sure all the equipment is taken care of and maintained.

The Soldiers in this unit comprise a variety of military occupational specialties – from mortuary affairs, logistics, fuel supply, mechanics, administration, supply and ammo, among others.