Understanding New Responsibilities Under RCI

As most of you know, Fort Lee will soon be transitioning from a government operated housing office to one operated by the private sector.

The Army has formed a partnership with East Army Properties, together we will be known as Fort Lee Commonwealth Communities. FLCC will manage, operate, construct, and sustain housing on Fort Lee for the next 50 years.

Many positive and exciting changes are about to occur as a result of the partnership. Over the next few years, construction of new family housing units as well as the development of new neighborhoods and amenities will take place.

On post family housing residents will become “rent payers” in a more traditional sense as Basic Allowance for Housing will be paid to FLCC as rent.

There are three components to BAH – rent, utilities and renters’ insurance. The project will provide renters’ insurance to residents, but residents will be responsible for utility consumption, (gas/electric) above an established baseline. The utility brief is located at the Web site www.fortleefamilyhousing.com.

The brief is intended to demystify the program. When you arrive at the Web site look for the link on the right hand side of the page, click it, then use your left mouse button to advance the charts. You will also be able to review an actual statement broken down into smaller parts for ease of explanation; this is located on the last page of the brief.

We are currently planning to host two utility briefs in June, one on the 14th and one on the 28th both will begin at 6 p.m., and will be located in the East Community Center.

– Wendy Hunter

Housing Management Specialist