FORT LEE, Va. (Sept. 17, 2009) – The annual Customer Service Assessment Web site will remain open until Sept. 18 at

One might ask, “What is the value in taking this survey?” “What is in it for me?” Well, that is the right question. The answer is so everyone’s voice can be heard, but not just an individual voice, but the collective voice of all who will be taking the survey. The “Voice of the Customer” means everyone who takes the survey will collectively have a louder voice. It’s not just one person saying it’s this way or that way. It’s the powerful voice of each person and their fellow Soldiers, Family members, Civilian employees, veterans and retirees who live, work or play at Fort Lee, which will have a huge impact.

The more people who take the survey, the greater their voice in validating what is being said by the answers given in the survey. With the CSA, one voice can be instantly echoed around the garrison along with that of others. So, if one wants to make a difference at Fort Lee, take the survey. Encourage everyone to participate as well.

“What is the Garrison’s intent by having this annual CSA?” “Will I be able to remain anonymous when I take the survey?” The intent is to hear what the community has to say, on a garrison- size scale. The garrison wants to know what the community has experienced regarding the services provided to customers, and yes, each person will remain anonymous. Everyone will be able to tell the garrison how well Fort Lee is performing customer service and how important the services provided are to each person by ranking those services from the highest to lowest priority. By doing so, Fort Lee can then focus its efforts and allocate the right resources at the right place to meet the needs as a customer. In the survey one will be able to comment and compliment.

So, now that everyone knows what the value and the intent are by taking the survey, just go to the nearest computer and log into to be heard. Encourage everyone in the Fort Lee community and in the unit to take the survey.

The quality of life of all Soldiers, Family members, Civilian employees, veterans and retirees is of the highest importance to the Garrison. Take the survey today and make a difference.