Personally owned weapons like this .4 Zero Glock can be registered at the Fort Lee Visitor Control Center adjacent to the Lee Avenue Gate.

Airman 1st Class Krystal M. Jeffers

FORT LEE, Va. (Feb. 8, 2018) -- The Provost Marshal Office reminds members of the Fort Lee community that registration is mandatory for any personally owned weapons brought onto the installation.

“Whether you’re living or working at Fort Lee, the requirements are the same,” said Capt. Eric Ernest, operations officer at PMO. “Weapons are required to be registered with the installation for all personnel living on Fort Lee or those engaging in authorized activities such as hunting and skeet shooting, per Army regulation.”

Aside from complying with regulation, registering weapons is vital if the property is stolen because it can help with the subsequent investigation, said Ernest.

“There have been recent incidents of resident-owned guns being stolen from homes and vehicles on post,” Ernest said. “Failure to register POWs stored on the installation can complicate the investigation due to the delay in inputting the weapons as stolen into the NCIC database. The complication comes when the owner does not know the weapon’s serial number, make, model and weapon size, which are all items logged during installation registration.

“Typically, stolen weapons are used to commit more dangerous crimes,” he continued. “If the weapons are found and registered in the NCIC database as stolen, they can be returned to the owner.”

The PMO is allowing people to register their weapons now with no penalties, but Ernest said the police will continue their random inspections across the installation to catch violators, and they will face penalties.

A few key guidelines from Army Regulation 190-11, pertaining to the safe and lawful ownership of POWs for those who reside or partake in authorized activities on post, can help community members avoid being either victims of weapon theft or violators:

• All privately owned weapons brought on the installation MUST be registered within 96 hours.

• POWs CAN NOT be stored in unsecured or secured vehicles. The only authorized purpose for weapons in a vehicle is to transport from access control points or on-post family housing to authorized activity or storage facility.

• Weapons and ammunition are not authorized to be stored in unit barracks, transient quarters or lodging. They will be stored in the unit arms rooms per unit SOPs and Army regulation.

• When transporting POWs in a vehicle, they will be secured in the trunk. No trunk? Weapons will be encased in a container (other than the glove compartment) and stored so they are not readily available to the driver or other passengers.

• Policy information and registration forms are available at the Fort Lee Visitor Control Center at the Lee Avenue Gate, or online at www.lee.army.mil/pmo/flp.weapon.registration.aspx.

Communicate any issues or concerns of theft through housing centers or by calling the Fort Lee Military Police Desk at (804) 734-7400.

Anyone suspecting they have been a victim of theft or having any knowledge of such a crime should immediately contact the Fort Lee Police.