FORT LEE, Va, (Dec. 14, 2017) -- The 59th Ordnance Brigade welcomed a new top enlisted leader during a change of responsibility ceremony Friday at MacLaughlin Fitness Center.

Command Sgt. Maj. Perry C. Williamson took the helm from Command Sgt. Maj. Gabriel D. Harvey, while Col. Sean P. Davis, brigade commander, oversaw the event.

Serving with Harvey has been an absolute pleasure, said Davis, and his brigade successes were plentiful.

“Since his first days on the job as ‘Power 7,’ CSM Harvey immersed himself into the brigade and set about doing what he does best,” he said. “He truly got to know his NCOs and Soldiers, ensuring discipline and standards were met while simultaneously mentoring our NCOs, officers and Soldiers toward our mission, which is to train, educate and develop selected citizens into professional ordnance Soldiers essential in building and maintaining Army readiness. There is no doubt that his leadership and example allowed our team to accomplish this mission.”

Although Davis lauded many of Harvey’s accomplishments, he seemed particularly proud of the CSM’s efforts during the Ordnance Crucible.

“Your leadership was essential in our brigade’s preparation, execution and assessment of the first-ever Ordnance Crucible,” he said. “The Crucible, lauded by senior leaders throughout Training and Doctrine Command and Forces Command, set a new high standard for how to execute an all-Army competition, providing a powerful tactical and technical assessment of the best of the best (in) ammunition, maintenance and explosive ordnance disposal Soldiers from all 19 divisions.

“Your legacy and mark are imbued throughout this brigade,” Davis continued. “And I want to be one of the many who will thank you today for your tireless efforts to make us all better Soldiers and citizens.”

Harvey took charge of the organization 17 months ago and said he was wary about his first TRADOC assignment.

“I knew there would be some challenges,” he said. “I can honestly say I have enjoyed serving in this position alongside some of the best professionals in our organization. I have truly learned a lot from everyone in our formation, from the youngest private to the commanding general.

“It has truly been an honor and pleasure to serve with each and every one of you,” Harvey continued. “Your dedication is the reason why the Ordnance School continues to achieve greatness day in and day out. This is due to the awesome leadership and teamwork of our leadership, Soldiers, DOD Civilians and families.”

Harvey has been selected for a nominative position as the U.S. Army Resiliency Directorate sergeant major.

As the unit bids farewell to one seasoned leader, said Davis, it welcomes an equally impressive NCO who can take the brigade to the next level.

“CSM Williamson, you’ve built a phenomenal reputation in our Army and as a former member and battalion command sergeant major of the “Can Do” 73rd Ordnance Battalion, I know you will do great things for the brigade,” he said. “You are the right man for the job, and I am confident you will build on the accomplishments of CSM Harvey and the great NCOs and Soldiers in our ranks. I look forward to serving with you and welcome you to the ‘Power to Spare’ brigade.”

Williamson thanked everyone for attending the ceremony, and said he is excited to get started.

“To be selected to serve as the command sergeant major of the 59th Ordnance Brigade is eventful because this is where we take responsibility for the Ordnance Corps and the people we send into the Army,” he said. “We exist because of these Soldiers, and we provide support for the Army’s mission.”