Currently, Mission Level 1 Families receive four free SKIES Unlimited classes and two free Youth Sports per deployment cycle. Mission Level 2 Families receive two free SKIES Unlimited classes and one free Youth Sport. The process of determining what qualified as one SKIES Unlimited class was often confusing for both parents and staff.

Effective immediately the benefits will change to a dollar amount. In most cases, the dollar amount of the benefit will equal or exceed what participants are currently receiving.

The new benefit amounts are: Mission Level 1 (Families of Fallen Warriors, Wounded Warriors, Warriors in Transition and deployed Soldiers) SKIES – up to $300 in free classes, Youth Sports - up to $100 in free sport activities.

Mission Level 2 and 3 (Families of eligible permanent change of station, temporary change of station, temporary duty and rear detachment/Warriors in Transition cadres) SKIES – up to $150 in free classes, Youth Sports – up to $50 in free activities.

Another important AFC-related change is also taking place at this time. To assist Families with their reintegration needs, all Mission Level 1 benefits will be extended from 60 days after return from deployment to 90 days.

Mission Level 2 Families are those whose sponsor is in a TCS status – usually this is immediately prior to deployment where they may go to another installation to prepare for deployment or those who are in Haiti are in a TCS status.

The PCS status is when the sponsor is in an unaccompanied tour usually to Korea or Europe and those in a TDY status for 90-179 days. Mission Level 3 is official Rear Detachment Cadre for units that are deployed.

For details, call (804) 765-3852 or 765-3196.