FORT LEE, Va. -- Recent incidents involving unit physical training formations have underscored the need to proceed with caution when driving around the installation during PT hours.

Fort Lee Policy 19-07, Physical Training Road Closure and Safety Precautions for Military Troop Formations, lists all routes designated for PT only, joint use roadways, and roadways that are off-limits for physical training.  

“It is vital that all personnel on post – not just military members – know the safe routes,” emphasized Timothy Lawrence, garrison safety manager. “The safest routes are ‘safe and secure areas’ where vehicles are unauthorized, except during emergencies. It is of utmost importance to know the roads, know the policy, conduct a risk assessment and follow it. The policy is in place for a reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s military or civilian – if an accident happens, it could result in a fatality. Be proactive, not reactive.”

Individual PT runners or walkers (military, civilian, dependent or contractor) are required to wear a reflective vest, belt or retro-reflective clothing while on or alongside roadways between the hours of dusk and dawn. Headphones or earbuds are prohibited.

Authorized running areas on Fort Lee are routes where vehicular traffic will be kept at a minimum, especially during PT hours (between 5-7:30 a.m.). A reference map is part of Fort Lee Policy 19-07, which can be found at:

Vehicular traffic (except emergency vehicles) will not use roadways marked in green from 5-7:30 a.m., Monday- Friday, Lawrence stressed. These roadways are B Avenue, from Sisisky Boulevard to 38th Street, and Shop Road, from 11th to 19th Street. Vehicles may cross these roadways when safe to do so, meaning drivers should slow down at a minimum and look both ways for approaching pedestrians or runners.

During PT hours on joint-use roadways (marked blue on the map), motorists should be mindful of marching or running troops and may only pass at 10 mph when approaching from the front of the formation. They cannot pass when approaching from the rear unless directed to do so by the formation road guard.  During hours of darkness or limited visibility, passing the formation from the rear is strictly prohibited.  When planning to drive on joint-use routes during this time, be advised to allow extra time to get to work. While operating a vehicle on Fort Lee, never text and drive, use only hands free cellphone devices and drive the posted speed limits.

Off-limit routes for troop movement are B Avenue east of Sisisky; 11th Street from B Avenue through the Shop Road traffic circle to Quartermaster Road; Shop Road east of 11 Street; Quartermaster Road east of 11th Street; B Avenue from 38th Street east to Sisisky Blvd; and Eisenhower Avenue east of 39th Street. 

Other off-limit areas for troop movement are the parking lots around building 11200 (DeCA), building 10500 (DCMA), and building 4229 (GCSS-Army). These areas are off limits to service members conducting PT at all times. Other parking lots may be used for such things as interval training, stretching and warm-ups when there is no vehicle traffic in these areas prior to 6 a.m. However, as soon as employees begin to arrive, use of the spaces for PT is prohibited. 

Always be vigilant of surroundings and changes to policy, Lawrence noted. When planning a route, troop leaders should be familiar with the most recent policies and regulations.   Commanders/directors at all levels will ensure military members, family members, employees, contractors and guests comply with the provisions of Fort Lee Policy 19-07 to help maintain a safe environment here.

For more information, call the Installation Safety Office at 804-765-3132.