QM School awards instructor badges

Twenty-two Quartermaster School instructors pose with Command Sgt. Maj. Sean Rice, QM Corps Regimental CSM, after being awarded Basic Army Instructor Badges during a ceremony Sept. 25 at the Petroleum and Water Depart-ment’s Maj. Gen. Robert K. Guest Auditorium. The badges represent successful completion of a rigorous qualifica-tion process involving additional studies and favorable classroom evaluations by senior department leaders.

FORT LEE, Va. - Twenty-two Quartermaster School noncommissioned officers were awarded Basic Army Instructor Badges during a ceremony Sept.25 at the Petroleum and Water Department’s Maj. Gen. Robert K. Guest Auditorium.

Presenting the distinguished uniform medallions and accompanying certificates was Command Sgt. Maj. Sean J. Rice. QM Corps Regimental CSM. He was joined by senior enlisted leaders from each QMS training department.

These ceremonies are part of the Army Instructor Development and Recognition Program. IDRP seeks to promote instructor achievement by encouraging and rewarding specified activities that result in personal and professional growth.

“It’s humbling” to be able to recognize Soldiers for their excellent work, Rice said early in his remarks at the event.

“From Brig. Gen. Douglas McBride (Quartermaster General) and myself, we want to congratulate the new recipients of the instructor badge,” he said. “Those who know me are aware I don’t take this badge lightly, so it’s an honor to be here to present these awards you.”

Earning this badge keeps the corps’ instructors on the right path in their career, Rice acknowledged, and right now, it’s challenging to work on this accomplishment since the Army is asking a lot of its Soldiers with the implementation of new guidance.

“I do pray every day that the words I share with you result in a success story, today, tomorrow and the months and years ahead as you further distinguish yourself as educators,” Rice also commented. “All of you have sacrificed and given up time from your own families because of your hard work. The best I can do is ask you to challenge yourself during these challenging times and show my appreciation to each and every one of you. Appreciate each other and celebrate often your accomplishments.”

Under the IDRP, three instructor badges – basic, senior and master – are available. In order to be awarded the BAIB, candidates must undergo a rigorous certification program that includes requirements at the TRADOC and local command levels. Among them are completion of a basic instructor course, accumulation of at least 80 hours of platform time as a primary instructor and two favorable classroom evaluations 30 days apart. The criteria are greater for earning the senior and master badges, including facilitation of course improvements and revising lesson plans.

The distinguished instructor badges are worn on the left breast pocket of the Army uniform, similar to drill sergeant qualification emblems – both symbolizing professional excellence in training and education. The phrase imprinted on the instructor badge “experto creed” is latin for “believe the one who has experience in the matter.”