The Army Wellness Center’s BodPod Quarantine Challenge, an August-through-October fitness quest, has been declared a monumental success by the AWC staff.

With 50 community members participating, the top four competitors lost more than 46.5 pounds and shaved a little over seven inches off their waistlines. Participants included active duty troops, retirees, family members and DOD Civilians. In addition to monitoring their progress, the AWC health educators provided virtual classes, coaching sessions, metabolic testing and exercise plans.

“Promoting health, performance and readiness for the Total Army is the whole reason we exist,” noted Randi Park, AWC director. “We thought about people coming out of the first round of home self-isolation (meant to slow the spread of COVID-19), and felt the BodPod Challenge would be a helpful way to encourage them to reengage in healthy behaviors that promote well-being and resiliency.”

Park noted that signup for a similar activity is underway – the Fit for Duty Challenge in which teams of 5-10 members can accumulate points for workouts, health assessments, training, coaching and other services provided by the AWC. The signup deadline is Dec. 18. The three-month competition kicks off Jan. 4.

The winners of the BodPod Challenge and highlights of their achievements and activities are as follows:

First place winner Tamara Warshany, a Fort Lee family member, lost a total of 6.6 percent body fat by attending regular AWC appointments. In addition to focusing on nutrition choices and monitoring processed sugar intake, she began going to the gym twice a week and incorporating at-home workouts three times a week, encouraging her family to join her and increase their own physical health.

Second place winner Mildred Ives, a DeCA civilian employee, lost a total of 6 percent body fat. The Air Force veteran focused on nutrient timing and working with an FMWR fitness instructor once a week. She also completed a BodPod appointment every 30 days.

Third place winner Danielle Winfield, also a family member, lost a total of 4.9 percent body fat. She too focused on improving her nutrition choices and made it a priority to incorporate more physical activities into her lifestyle, such as walking in the mornings and riding a stationary bike during virtual meetings while teleworking.

Fourth place winner Adrian Jenkins, a retired service member, lost a total of 2.9 percent body fat. She maintains a healthy lifestyle that includes strength training, bike riding, and regular check-ins with the AWC staff.

The AWC continuously strives to support the Fort Lee community by helping individuals achieve health and wellness goals. The facility is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Offered services include body composition testing through the BodPod, metabolic assessment, virtual health coaching, and in-person (max of five personnel) and virtual health education classes.

For more information, appointments, and Fit for Duty Challenge signups, call 804-734-9925.