Return To Glory: PWD Wins Title

It was a finale not without its share of intense moments, as PWD and 109th battled for the flag football championship Nov. 20 at Williams Stadium.

The 109th, having lost to PWD a day earlier, needed a win against a determined 108th team for a chance to meet PWD.

The 108th would not give that opportunity over easily. Both teams capitalized on interceptions in the first half to keep the score tied at 13-13. The 109th would need only one more touchdown to advance, 20-19.

Slightly battered but unbeaten, the 109th mustered the strength to continue into the finale. The first half saw a fresh PWD squad taking the lead, 21-13, going into the half. The 109th fought yard-for-yard, to score a touchdown in the final two minutes. Not able to get the two-point conversion to tie, the 109th fell to the PWD team, 21-19.

This marks the second intramural championship title PWD earned in 2007, having been named the softball champs in the summer. PWD, as well as 109th, will have the opportunity to compete Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 1-2, at the annual Tournament of Champions. This regional competition at Fort Belvoir allows the top two intramural teams from several installations to challenge each other for an overall regional championship trophy.