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About Us

Effectively Reach the Military Market in and around Fort Lee, Virginia with Online & Print Advertising

Who We Are:

  • We are the only command authorized website and newspaper serving the US Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee, Virginia.
  • The editorial content of The Traveller is furnished by the Public Affairs Office of Headquarters, US Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee, which ensures credibility.
  • No other area combination of newspaper and website coverage can serve the military like The Traveller.

What Audience We Deliver:

  • Over 12,000 Active Duty, Civilian workers and Dependents are located on US Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee.
  • The military market you reach is 100% employed. The military market is not affected by the tides of unemployment and it is a stabilized market segment; no recession, no pay cuts, and no unemployment!
  • Base newspapers and websites reach military families new to the area.
  • Base newspapers and websites are the official source of information pertinent to their careers and personal lives.

How to Get Started With The Traveller: For more information about advertising, you can also contact us at by phone at 757-477-7104.

By the very nature of the Internet, is available all over the world; meaning that deployed military personnel can access the website from any duty station equipped with a computer terminal and Internet access, which is becoming more and more commonplace in today's military.