Fort Lee kicked off the annual fund raising campaign for Army Emergency Relief, March 6. The campaign will be conducted through May 15.

Commanders, noncommissioned officers, and family support groups have learned AER can always be counted on when Soldiers need emergency financial help.

Continually, for 65 years, AER has been where Soldiers were when they needed financial assistance.

Last year, Army communities helped more than 50,000 Army people with more than $49 million. This level of assistance was possible in large measure because of unselfish contributions in previous years.

Furthermore, AER assumes the responsibility of paying for all emergency financial assistance given to Army personnel by the American Red Cross. They have done this to insure that a financial safety net is available regardless of where and when assistance is needed.

AER has one mission – to assist you and other Army Soldiers in time of need. This year, the Fort Lee AER campaign goal is $70,000.

For more information, contact the unit campaign keyperson or the AER campaign coordinators, Sgt. 1st Class Olonzo Curry and Sgt. Gerona Williams, (804) 734-3381, located in Main Housing, building 15035.