With Your Help, We Could Help
After becoming homeless, Kielin Dunn fulfilled his dream of graduating from high school and joining the Marine Corps thanks to the Seton Youth Shelter.

Sometimes, despite the odds, dreams of success really do come true. Kielin Dunn had goals for his life, but he found himself in a situation that made those dreams seem impossible.

“Before I became homeless, I had a plan to join the U. S. Marines after I finished my senior year,” Dunn said. “But after an unfortunate event, I was left with nowhere to go. I was moving place to place, and I still had one year of school left.”

But then, he found hope – and an organization that was willing and able to help put his plan back on track: “Seton Youth Shelters, for me, was a place of refuge from the streets,” Dunn said.

While living with a friend’s family, Dunn found out about Seton Youth Shelters. The staff worked with the Guidance Department at Western Branch High School, the Summer School Administration, Teachers and Staff at Landstown High School, City of Virginia Beach Public Schools’ Project Hope, and the U.S. Marine Corps Recruitment Staff.

“I attended summer school for free, and was able to graduate early with cap and gown and enter the Marine Corps,” Dunn stated. “None of this would have been possible without Seton Youth Shelters and their Street Outreach Programs.”

Dunn is grateful to those who assisted, and generously takes the time to visit the shelters when he is in the area, offering inspiration, empowerment and affirmation to the current residents, so that they can realize the human spirit can meet the challenges before them.

Seton Youth Shelters provides a safe haven, counseling and outreach services, 24 hours per day, without charge, to assist youth in crisis throughout Hampton Roads. Our goal is to reunite youth with their families whenever possible. Learn more at www.setonyouthshelters.org. We are able to provide these free services due to the generous support of our community. You can help Seton Youth Shelters continue Changing Lives, Building Futures by designating CFC # 47289.