Jacquie McCall

Spouse of Lt. Col. Michael McCall

Training and Doctrine Command Headquarters

Fort Monroe

After earning a degree in nursing from Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario, near Toronto in December 1995, Jacquie McCall knew it would be difficult to find employment in Canada. So when she was offered a job by a hospital in Victoria, Texas shortly after graduation, she bought a car, packed her belongings and drove cross-continent to the Lone Star state.

Jacquie settled in at an apartment complex nicknamed “Little Canada,” because so many Canadians who worked in the area lived there. There she met Michael McCall, who had become a teacher after leaving the Army’s active duty ranks following seven years of service.

“We met in April 1997 through a mutual friend who also lived in Little Canada,” Jacquie said. “After we married in November 1998, we had our first son, Sean, and we were settling into married life. But then Sept. 11 happened. My husband had been talking about moving. And after spending six years as a reservist, he knew he wanted to become active duty again.”

McCall returned to active duty in 2002, reporting initially to Fort Leavenworth, Kan. After assignments at Fort Drum. N.Y. and in Cleveland, Ohio, McCall is currently a lieutenant colonel stationed at the Training and Doctrine Command Headquarters at Fort Monroe as Inspector General.

Jacquie put her nursing career on hold to raise their young family, which included their second son, Christopher while stationed at Fort Drum. She returned to work for about a year while they were stationed in Ohio, but the move to Fort Monroe in the summer of 2007 led Jacquie to take another break. The break allowed her to spend more time with her children and become more involved with volunteering at Fort Monroe and in the community.

“I think it is important to be involved in your community,” Jacquie explained. “As a military spouse it is sometimes difficult when you first arrive at a new location. Volunteering offers a way to get to know the new community, contribute to it and make friends. It allows me to share my skills, to have a positive impact on my kid’s lives and the lives of people and children in the community.”

Jacquie is the Cub Scout den leader for six-year-old Christopher’s troop, and she works with all the scouts in grades one through five. With her husband also serving as the cub master, Jacquie is involved in every pack.

“I am also an active volunteer at my children’s school – Saint Mary Star of the Sea school,” Jacquie added. “I volunteer in the cafeteria, on field trips and fundraising for the school. I’m the class mom for both of my son’s classes, and help the teachers whenever needed. Each family is required to volunteer 30 hours every year, but I go way beyond that. I also do a lot of behind-the-scenes help for the Parent-Teacher Association, including helping with spaghetti dinners and organizing gift baskets for auction night to raise money.”

She has also volunteered extensively with the Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church during the last year.

“I’m a Eucharistic minister, schedule families to bring up the gifts at Mass as well as other odd jobs as needed,” Jacquie said. “We live right beside the church, so I do other odds and ends, like take the trash out and use my nurse training to take the blood pressures of elderly parishioners once a month.”

Jacquie donates her time just as extensively to the Fort Monroe community. She is a member of the Spouses and Civilians Club and is the hospitality hostess.

“I welcome new members to the club, mail birthday cards, get-well cards and sympathy cards to members. This year, I organized the September Sign Up, which is the club’s initial membership drive. I am currently involved in fundraisers for our scholarship and welfare program and the wounded warrior program.”

Jacquie also coaches children’s soccer at Fort Monroe, but had to change her coaching plans since returning to work in October.

“I have been head coach of the five-to-six year old soccer team for Fort Monroe youth for the last two seasons,” Jacquie said. “Since I work on game days now, this season I am the assistant coach for my son’s Fort Monroe soccer team. My husband has taken over as the head coach.”

Jacquie now works part-time, about 80 hours a month, at Sentara Careplex in Hampton and works on the Cardiology floor taking care of patients with a variety of heart problems. Now that both of her children are in school, more of her time if freed up to work as well as continue to volunteer contributions.

“I find it kind of easy to volunteer, but sometimes it can be overwhelming,” Jacquie admitted. “Even though I have a lot of shoulders to lean on and a lot of great friends, I have a husband who at a moment’s notice may have to leave, whose schedule may change, two growing boys, a demanding job and a long list of commitments. It can get a little crazy at times. I like to think I am very organized and keep a very good calendar. Luckily my job is flexible, and I can schedule my job around my family and other commitments. It’s challenging trying to get everything done, but I just roll with the punches.”