Nicole Alcorn

Spouse of Navy Lt. Daniel Alcorn

EOD Mobile Unit 6, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek

Nicole Alcorn knew what she wanted to do with her life- dedicate herself to military families by becoming a deployment specialist. While attending Virginia Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach, she volunteered at the then Navy Family Service Center. But after receiving an offer for an internship in California, she packed up and moved west. Ultimately, she found herself working and living near her mother in San Diego, when fate stepped in, redirecting her life back toward her original plan.

“I met my husband in a coffee shop in Coronado, Calif., 25 feet from where my grandparents met in the early 1940s,” Nicole said. “My mom and I couldn’t believe the coincidence. My grandfather was also in the Navy and was stationed at North Island.”

Nicole’s husband, Lt. Daniel Alcorn, then a surface warfare officer, changed career paths to become an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician, and was assigned to EOD Mobile Unit 2 at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek. Nicole found herself in Virginia Beach, presented with the opportunity to again help military families in Hampton Roads, this time as part of it.

Nicole became president of the Family Readiness Group (FRG) for EOD Mobile Unit 2, where she helped the unit’s families handle tough times, through personal interaction and an inspirational message she continues to use today.

“Be bold. Be brave. Dare to take a risk and make a mistake. Learn from your mistakes and your successes and build upon them. Most importantly, focus on your family.”

This first opportunity for Nicole to help the EOD community was not without its challenges.

“Two years ago, our unit experienced two tragedies in Iraq,” Nicole said. “It was difficult, but the EOD community came together. We have taken what we’ve learned and mad improvements to our (readiness) processes and programs.”

After assignments with Mobile Units 2 and 4, Alcorn is currently with Mobile Unit 6 and was deployed 17 out of 26 months. Nicole used this time to work with EOD leadership and the Military Officers Association of America to improve readiness programs for the “Boots on the Ground” Navy.

Nicole travels frequently to Washington, D.C., and around the country with two-year-old daughter, Tyler, in tow, attending conferences with spouses from the EOD and officer communities. They share stories and ideas, and translate what they have learned into improving their programs.

According to friend Cristale Roddy, Nicole is amazing at inspirational speaking.

“She brings out the best in people,” Roddy said. “She does not tolerate negativity and can always spin the good out of the bad.”

Evidence of Nicole’s dedication became clearer when she co-founded the Military Spouse and Family Legacy Association.

“We are spearheading an effort to erect a national monument in D.C., to honor the courage, commitment and sacrifice of the American military spouse and their families,” Nicole explained. It is a cause she is obviously passionate about, and is a passion that began early in her life.

“My father was in Marine reconnaissance during Vietnam,” Nicole said. “The environment I was raised in was one of giving to the community. Military is in my blood, and for me, it’s all about serving the family.”

While waiting for the Department of Defense to find a suitable location for the monument, Nicole spends her day raising her daughter and working on other Association-sponsored projects. These include the development of a monument website and documenting the history of the military family.

While Nicole works toward memorializing the heroic legacy of military families, Alcorn is the first to acknowledge his wife’s place in that history.

“I wish I could dedicate the time and patience she has to creating a noble movement to recognize these families,” Alcorn said. “She is truly my hero.”