When the dust settled following World Wrestling Entertainment’s Aug. 26 SummerSlam pay-per-view event, all champions had retained their titles and two contenders returned to winning form.

In front of a capacity crowd of almost 17,000 fans at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J., John Cena kicked out of Orton’s RKO late in the contest to survive and ultimately deliver his patented “FU” finisher for the victory.

“That’s what this is all about,” Cena told following the match. “On paper, the statistics don’t always work in my favor. Randy’s been on a streak of not only winning matches, but ending careers. I enjoy being WWE Champion, it has a lot to do with defining my existence. I like to lead by example. When your back’s up against the wall and you’re getting the snot kicked out of you, you can either fight or give up. I keep fighting.”

Orton gained revenge for the loss during the Aug. 27 Raw on Sci Fi — switched from the USA Network due to U.S. Open Tennis coverage — when he viciously attacked Cena’s father who was sitting ringside at the Boston event. This storyline twist should ignite new fire for the feud.

Both World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali and ECW Heavyweight Champion John Morrison walked away from SummerSlam with their gold. After Batista kicked out of a “Khali Bomb,” the champion used a chair on the “Animal” and was disqualified. Batista would deliver a devastating barrage of chair shots to the champ following the contest.

“I pinned and defeated CM Punk yet again,” Morrison told following his victory. “Punk will complain and say I cheated and used the ropes (which Morrison did to earn the win). He might say I am a bad guy, but the truth is I am not good or bad. John Morrison is beyond good and evil.”

Punk had a second chance at a world title shot against Morrison when he challenged Boogeyman, Big Daddy V and The Miz in a “Fatal Four Way” contest during the, Aug. 28, ECW broadcast on Sci Fi.

In other results from SummerSlam, Triple H returned to action and defeated King Booker; Rey Mysterio also returned from injury to defeat Chavo Guerrero; Intercontinental Champion Umaga retained his title in a “Triple Threat” match over Carlito and Mr. Kennedy; Beth Phoenix won the “Diva’s Battle Royal” to earn a future title shot against Candice; Kane defeated Finlay; and Stone Cold Steve Austin — subbing for Matt Hardy — defeated U.S. Champion MVP in a “Beer Drinking Contest” with Austin actually giving him a “Stunner” before the contest began.

WWE is back on pay-per-view with Unforgiven, Sept. 16. Much of show’s advertising is touting the return of The Undertaker. The “Dead Man” was last seen during the, May 11, Smackdown when he and Batista battled to a drawn in a steel cage match, which was followed by a beating at the hands of Mark Henry, which segued into Edge cashing in his “Money in the Bank” opportunity and subsequently defeating Undertaker for his world heavyweight championship.