As Armageddon draws closer, ECW on the CW Network will air, Dec. 6, featuring heavyweight champion CM Punk in a “Pick Your Poison” battle where he will choose to face either Big Daddy V or Mark Henry. An inter-promotional, inter-gender tag team match is also scheduled pitting Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly against Kenny Dykstra and Victoria.For the, Dec. 7, Smackdown on the CW Network, Teddy Long is back following a stalled storyline where he collapsed at his wedding and fell into a “coma” allowing Vicki Guerrero to take over as general manager.

With Scott Hall not showing up to team with partners Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe in his Total Nonstop Action, Dec. 2, Turning Point pay-per-view main event match against Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tyson Tomko, Eric Young was picked by Joe as a replacement and helped lead his team to victory.

Before the match, Joe cut a strong promo praising the young stars in TNA and scolding the established veterans, such as Nash and Angle, who should not take opportunity away from the future stars.

Joe scored the main event victory executing his “Muscle Buster” finisher on Tomko. Reports indicate Hall’s absence was due to “food poisoning.”

The Dec. 6 Impact features fallout from Turning Point as Scott Steiner, Senshi, Petey Williams and BG James all open their cases won during the “Feast or Fired” pay-per-view match. Remember, three of the cases contain title match opportunities for either the heavyweight, X Division or tag team championships. One case contains a pink slip signifying that wrestler is fired from TNA.

Impact will also have more on TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim’s condition after her brutal title match defense against Awesome Kong and look into the brewing bad blood between Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash.